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Consulting Internship Program 2018

Date: 27.09.2017 By: Magenta Advisory Type: News Comments: 0

Magenta Advisory’s Consulting Internship Program 2018 This digital age requires a new breed of management consultants. Consultants that combine strategic acumen, design thinking, technology foresight and data analytics with modern approaches to transforming businesses. To experience what it takes to be one, apply to Magenta Advisory’s Consulting Internship Program!…

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Digital Leaders in Finland 2018 will be published 7th November 2017

Date:  By: Magenta Advisory Type: News Comments: 0

Magenta Advisory‘s annual Digital Leaders in Finland research will be revealed this year on November 7th 2017. This is already the fifth Digital Leaders research and the second time when the Nordic companies are taking part. The results reveal how Finnish companies’ digital capabilities…

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Mobile Payments – What’s Wrong In The Picture?

Date: 11.08.2017 By: Jani Ristimäki Type: News Comments: 0

Mobile payments have often referred to be “a lost opportunity” or “a solution looking for a problem”. Still at the same time new mobile payment solutions are popping up and some of which have gained a massive traction – especially…

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Own your area of business with digital ecosystem management 3/3

Date: 06.06.2017 By: Magenta Advisory Type: News Comments: 0

Our two previous blog posts have revealed what digital ecosystem management actually means and how to get started in developing digital ecosystem management practices. The last piece provides you a brief summary and three important lessons from the previous writings…

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Own your area of business with digital ecosystem management 2/3

Date: 30.05.2017 By: Magenta Advisory Type: News Comments: 0

In our previous blog post we discussed about digital ecosystem management, what it means in practice, how Scandinavian companies could leverage its potential and how it enables a totally new way to grow for companies from various industries. If you missed…

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Own your area of business with digital ecosystem management 1/3

Date: 23.05.2017 By: Magenta Advisory Type: News Comments: 0

Why are some companies struggling to succeed while others grow exponentially? The search for growth in the age of digital disruption and slowed global economy call for new methods. Organic growth or even mergers and acquisitions need to be replaced…

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Need for Company-Wide Digital Thinking Enhanced by Business-Minded Data Utilisation

Date: 04.05.2017 By: Markus Type: News Comments: 0

Digitalization is bringing a lot of new requirements for companies, and HR departments may struggle with educating existing employees and acquiring new talents. Kati Sulin, a CDO at DNA raises discussion about the digital talent requirements from a few different angles:…

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Top-Notch Performers and Key Decision Makers’ Digital Know-How Creating Success

Date: 28.04.2017 By: Markus Type: News Comments: 0

While companies focus on developing digital competencies the role of employees may not receive as much attention as it should receive. For instance, in retail environment’s ultra-competitive landscape it is essential for companies to move fast from planning to shipping….

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Hackathons to Make Digital Ecosystem Thinking Actually Concrete

Date: 26.04.2017 By: Markus Type: News Comments: 0

Digital ecosystem thinking aroused a lot of discussion in the Digital Leaders in Finland 2017 gala. Even though the theme is widely discussed, the discussions aren’t easily leading into concrete actions or aren’t visible throughout the organization. Kati Sulin, a…

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From DIY to Upscaled Partner Cooperation to Respond to Global Retail Competition

Date: 21.04.2017 By: Markus Type: News Comments: 0

Digital ecosystems play an increasingly important role in several industries. How can retailers, that are facing global competition, apply ecosystem thinking to be more successful? We asked this question from Sebastian Nyström, EVP of strategy at Finnish retailer SOK. By…

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